NASA image reveals ‘river of stars’ flowing as four galaxies interact

The Hubble Telescope has provided an incredible image of a “river” of star formation where four galaxies interact scientifically. The new, modified image from the Hubble Space Telescope, a view originally released in 2010, shows a rare interaction between celestial bodies in the Hickson Group 31 galaxies (Hickson Compact 31).

NASA has featured in a photo showing its sudden appearance on May 17.“.

The agency wrote: “NASA’s new modified Hubble Space Telescope image of the Galaxy Cluster 31 (HCG 31) highlights star-forming streams as four dwarf galaxies interact.”

In the image, top right of center is a distorted group of bright blue and white stars, according to the US space agency.

This area is called NGC 1741 It is actually two dwarf galaxies colliding. There are a number of stars that have high relations with one of the stars..

A fourth galaxy is located in the lower left center of the image. And he points out, that the star emerging from the red stars, is the latest that he uses together in a small space.

And NASA wrote that the shiny object is in the middle of the imageHCG 31.

And buy what galactic collisions are seen billions of light years away, which means they happened a stack of years ago.

However, falls HCG 31 It is about 166 million light-years away from Earth, which is close to cosmic taxes.

The image that appeared since the appearance of the interfering galaxies that appeared in the genesis of the image“.

The color wrote: “The color blue is blue and red is blue“.

The Hubei Telescope has continued to photograph galaxies in high detail for a generation, and the spacecraft has focused on images released in recent weeks on galactic collisions.

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