NVIDIA switches to cooling to reduce power .. know the details

Big Graphics With Big Graphics, the company’s business at Computex, a Computex commercial enterprise, consumes 30% more energy than the air-cooled version.

Nonsense. As reported by the “Aitnews” portal, Nvidia is also promising to release it from the replacement server with the liquid in the future. She hinted at bringing the technology to other places, such as in-car information that needs to be cooled indoors.

According to the company, the time needed for this is to have a significant impact. Nvidia says data centers use more than 1% of the world’s electricity, and 40% of that goes to cooling.

It can be a resale. Centralized central, storage and equipment also power, and also need cooling.

Unified central systems for feedback intelligence and other tasks.

There is a reason for the popularity of cooling.

It is very easy to see the cold in the air.

It uses 30% less power to be more responsive in the same space.

Nvidia’s push to reduce energy use via cooling at a time when many think about the amount of energy its servers use.

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Use of energy consumption in fuel consumption. Companies such as Microsoft have experimented with liquid-in-liquid immersion. Good plants for ocean energy systems.

The company Lu markets liquid-cooled graphics processing as a server backbone, rather than as a high-end solution.

Liquid cooling made even more by building liquid cooling into the common designs of its gaming-focused cards.

The company did not say any to do so. You want to take the lead in cooling in high data center graphics processing, for the foreseeable future.

It also announces the RTX 5000 series that comes with liquid cooling. And that’s as NVIDIA cards continue to consume power (alternative power 3090 Ti draws up to 450 watts).

Her escorts later this year. The A100 cards are also expected to come in the third quarter of this year.

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