Apple forces application developers to “a new feature” .. know the details

How many times have you downloaded, uploaded and selected, then flagged mark flagged, flagged flagged, or branded, record the application scanning process. With ease, according to the Sky News Arabia report.

As of June 30, Apple will force applications that create an account in it, to “make a button” available to delete the application, whenever they decide to dispense with the application and delete it.

In the event that there is a desire to search for issues, I found this desire to search for pages located in the trade box.

The rules, which Apple has demanded from app developers, state that the option to delete the account is “clear and easy to find,” according to the British newspaper, The Sun.

“People should be able to delete the account with their personal data,” she warned the developers.

This company had originally submitted plans in favor of this policy at the end of last January, but decided the deadline until the summer, to give developers developers, and planned to terminate the agreement.

Some exceptions are noted, such as regulatory areas such as banking, where companies are allowed to make them more in-depth due to their importance.

On the other hand, they memorize to make sure that they memorize, participle, and participle.

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