Elon Musk faces another lawsuit from dividend investors

Elon Musk faces another lawsuit on Twitter, the Reuters CEO Foundation, a lawsuit against the trade of Tesla for accusing the stock of manipulating, before it was offered to inquire at $ 44 billion as in a previous lawsuit, and then that Musk and $ 156 million through non-disclosure bought more From 5% of the shares of participating companies on March 14, violating the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the investors said, and he disclosed his investments only in April, revealing that he owns a 9.2% slice of the social network.

Investors, ex, ex, ex, ex, audit, found particularly concerned about the sale deal, and the results of previous projects on Twitter.

And the plaintiffs in the case of the lawsuit case, and they are asking for damages.

And Musk’s already hoped-for purchase sparked legal action, in addition to the lawsuit, see the previous page in April, a pension fund in law filed a lawsuit against Musk for allegedly violating a Delaware law that prevented the merger until 2025.

Meanwhile, the Securities and Exchange Commission prospectively checks the timing of Musk’s disclosure, and there’s no certainty what challenges pose serious challenges to Musk.

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