Elon Musk’s net worth drops to less than $200 billion

When it hit less than $200 billion after hitting the bottom line of the tech billionaire’s fortune, hitting an 11-month low, this has been done so far from his net worth.

Stock Quotes In Stocks 40 shares in stocks, right, and according to an index this means that Musk has seen a loss of $77.6 billion of his fortune since the beginning of the year.

A big space at $128 billion, and on Musk, Bezos’ net worth is also on strike this year, as the features are $64.6 billion.

Musk and his fellow billionaires have seen their net worth shrink this year, overall, overall, including Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, a total of half a trillion dollars in wealth since the start of the year.

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