“Like” disappeared from Facebook .. Is the latest policy update behind this malfunction

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“Like” problem on Facebook

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Facebook policy update

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I made it on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, other Meta, WhatsApp, Workplace, Free Basics and Messenger Kids.

And then publish it, who publishes it, it is easy to explain, which platform and who uses it best. The company clearly states that sometimes and sometimes spelling text is different in both, this message allows Meta to collect your data, an idea, or share it in a new group. “


Meta says the changes it’s making to its Boolean app’s logical reasoning program.

It got new audience controllers and new ways to manage ads from May 26, 2022, and grants all user-generated posts will be only.

It provides another great space, where you can have more knowledge about the company’s approach to privacy across all of its platforms, and its plan to that, Instagram emails will now be able to send from accounts like other people’s posts on the social media platform.

Privacy Updates

Perhaps this image may have been submitted by a share on Facebook today, where the company said that starting May 26 “we’re also rolling out a new setting to make it easier for your posts on Facebook, and now, when someone chooses a default audience, that audience will be chosen on the posts timeline.” Unless they chose a different audience for a specific post previously, your default audience was for posts that participate in the schedule.

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