New NASA-funded satellites seek to orbit the moon

NASA plans to contribute cube satellites, which will be the idea of ​​establishing the agency on the moon, where it will occupy an important mission capstonean acronym for “Self Positioning Technology Operations Cislunar Space experiment, satellite diagram, satellite diagram, virtual satellite diagram, space station Gate space to support astronauts Artemis Futurists on the Moon.

Except for what the website says.Void“The American, NASA officials held a press conference and found out a mission capstone It will launch soon after being delayed several times as it was scheduled to launch in 2021 but issues related to Corona virus disease The number to the timeline to 2022.”

From the scheduled launch capstone From New Zealand on a missile Lab Electron missile Equipped with a higher stage of lunar photonand the spacecraft mounted with a wall nearby.NRHO) around the moon.

will come true capstone from the lunar surface and other factors.

Make sure to get this information before launching a station Gate satellite to lunar orbit at a later time.

Also the important team members capstone This is the location of the aerospace station, in addition to that location in terms of the space environment.

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