What is the difference between turning on and off the Focus Driving feature on the iPhone?

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Improved Driving Mode and Triggered Audio Helps eliminate distractions while driving When Driving Mode is turned on Driving Mode texts and welcome texts are sent to heavily hushed cars.

Calls are made only when an iPhone is connected in the car, you can ask to use your hands when text messages come in, asking Siri to read them so you can see your eyes on the road.

How to turn off the driving feature

1. Open the Settings app, and tap Focus.

2. Click on Command.

3. Press the toggle switch next to Driving to turn it off, toggle Driving Mode off, the go switch in black.

4. -Turn off the driving mode in the Control Center.

5. Click on the top bar from the top bar.

How to reactivate the focus on leadership

1. Open the Settings app, and tap .

2. Click on Command.

3. Press the jump switch next to “Drive” to turn it on, which is a running engine.

4. Alternatively, put ‘Command’ in Control Center.

5. Press the previous menu, press the menu.

6. Turn on Driving Mode automatically, tap While Driving, select Automatically, When Connected to Car Bluetooth, or Activate with CarPlay.

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