4 things that weaken the power of the Internet in your home .. Get to know them

Some people suffer from poor internet speed in their homes despite subscribing to high-cost packages. What are the reasons? The blog, “Life Hacker”, said that there are a lot of obstacles around your home, which can limit the capabilities of your Wi-Fi, according to a Sky News Arabia report.

This is the reception by connecting it to your “ROuter”, which connects to the delivery of software.

1- Home: Low internet speed, blame your house, if it is on a public street, where some points host your WiFi, difficulty passing through walls, concrete floors and steel nails.

2- Homemade foods…

And you want to return the messages via another message.

3 – TV: The flat value television on a huge metal plate, and it was a device to screen, trophies, blankets, blankets in your house, the same in mirrors.

4- Old technology: for example, modern technology.

In conclusion, the Life Hacker blog advised, there must be an improvement in preparations, but good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck

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