For this reason .. cancel the Apple workers elections in Atlanta

Workers at the Apple Cumberland Mall will not hold a union election in June, according to a report from Bloomberg. The Communications Workers of America (or CWA), which is trying to regulate the store, says the order for repeat elections, for international telecoms systems

Voting begins on June 1 and was scheduled to be the first union election in the USA. Now that address will go to Maryland, unless that petition is also withdrawn. Workers at the Towson Town Center store begin voting in person on June 15.

Union says workers terrorized and interfered with Apple

In the run-up to the canceled elections, Apple also faced allegations of union busting, ending with the relocation of the verification site.

The company employed anti-union lawyers and distributed anti-union messages through managers and video messages from CEOs. The CWA also filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) alleging that the company held prisoner meetings in Atlanta to resist regulation. He tries to make these types of desert illegal.

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