How do you do it.. How to share Do Not Disturb on a sold iPhone

Notifications & Calls Messages Text Messages Notifications Signals Text Messages Text Messages Here Unless you tell them Put Focus and Warn Share status of your use of the bookmark feature gives you steps to activate it according to the site.

You can proactively find other people, as it is running in the third stage, as it is on,

Anyone who opens a chat with you will see a warning saying “notification ignored” charge, and they can then text you they know, a text message will be sent to you they know, it will be muted.

The OS works only if it is on an OS that runs in multifunctional apps, an Android OS too, sees the warning.

Steps to Share Focus Status on iPhone and iPad

You can head to the settings menu.

1. Open the Settings app and tap Focus.

2. Select the focus mode you want, then tap Focus on the page that appears.

3. Press the share key focus state at the top of the page

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