Russia opens cases against Apple, Google and foreign technology companies.. know why

Russia’s communications organization, Roskomnadzor, said it has opened administrative cases against Alphabet’s Google subsidiary, six companies, foreign companies, the International Communications Corporation, for a facility, personal data.

The local in Moscow clashed with major technology companies in the beginnings of Arabic communication, began at the beginning and represented the battle in the battle against Germany, tens of thousands of troops began to Ukraine on February 24.

Russia was fined 3 million rubles ($46,540) last year for storing personal data

Roskomnadzor said that Google, which declined to comment, could be fined between 6 and 18 million rubles, and the authority also said it had opened cases against six others – Airbnb, Pinterest, Likeme, Twitch, Apple and United Parcel Service – for first-time offenses carrying a fine collected between 1, 6 million rubles.

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