Sony pledges to produce PS5 to levels never achieved before .. Details

A list of Sony’s priorities has been created moving forward.

The problem data indicates an issue with the PS4 and PS5, which has resulted in no PS5 sales being on-going in the continuing series on the newer consoles. Its profits seem to have been quartered by some, while it takes 82 minutes to sell 80,000 PS5 units, while it takes days to sell the same number of PS4 back.

part of the show.

To offset the impact of these ideas, Sony plans to invest in multiplexes to “increase resilience in unstable market conditions.” Medicines must also be made to maintain their integrity.

With these solutions in place, the company believes PS5 sales could again outpace PS4 sales, and from next year, 42+ from Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, during a briefing after finalizing the company’s plans for a significant increase in console production. , while transferring it to the production levels it achieved before.

And stop showing ads with the PS5 production show, Sony also service the emergence of PlayStation Studios expansion by showing on play studios, in addition to increasing investments in live services and PC and mobile shows, and is also committed to launching 12 live in the next episode of Destiny In which the company will be a part From her query on Bungie, she intends to get half of the first-party run on PC and mobile.

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