Tesla plans to work with special specifications in Hollywood

Tesla plans to build a utility electric Supercharger station for 24-hour catering and a cinema in Los Angeles, reports Bloomberg, with the electric car maker presenting the plans to Los Angeles.

Planning project to build an integrated project in an area of ​​9300 square feet.

Commercial offices in places for a tower, and please, location for example, can accommodate more than 200 people, customers will also be placed from their car or from the rooftop seating area, customers will also be able to order food and have it delivered to their car, and plans to serve.

The description of the project for the site, this time of time to charge, which is equivalent to 30 minutes.

No information was received about the information contained in the list of projects or the date of opening the place.

The story of a series in the heart of Hollywood

Woks Mask to turn EV charging stations into its plans for entertainment and dining plans is a bigger trend in the industry, and in the previous February, it reported that major companies were formulating concepts for charging stations that housed all of their gyms and cafes to parks.

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