What does it mean .. Google Play Store adds a new section for applications?

Google Play Store recently made available the web version Redesigned version on a large scale, Store Looking from the broader version of the redesigned version of apps, Google has also added a new compatibility section for app lists on Android, as this section called “With your devices Compatibility” is now available in The bulk of the first part of the “About this app” section in the list of apps in the Google Play Store on Android devices.

According to a report by 9to5Google, it is available with app compatibility on devices running version 30.6.16-21 of the Google Play Store.

Availability of Google Play Store Apps Compatibility Section

Numbers of night and day, translation, translation, translation, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. This section is available in the next part of the “About this application” section in the application menu.

Importance of Google Play Store Apps Compatibility Section

Google explained that the “Compatibility with your devices on site” section of the Android Play Store app listings will display if the app works on a particular device. use in use.

This analysis reflects how Google Play is currently not just a store for phones and tablets. As sales continue to grow, updates like this make the Smart App Store the perfect central place to manage everything.

What does the Google Play Store apps compatibility section look like?

The “Compatibility with your interactive devices” section.. then followed by Wear OS or Android / Google TV watches (if applicable).

The section will include some important information like – compatibility running on your device), app version, and required app download size (eg Android 6.0 and up). The operating system section first appeared in April under the app information was previously “Android OS”.

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