Android applications running on Windows 11 letters in 5 new countries .. Get to know them

Windows 11 Operating System Windows 11 Operating System – Allows Android OS 11

Since it’s only available in the US, WSA will be launched in cartoonish France, Germany, and Italy before the end of the year, XDA Developers reports, WSA was announced alongside Windows 11 during an event on June 24, 2021, but wasn’t officially launched until earlier in the day. This year.

Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to make the Amazon Appstore available on Windows 11.

“While the letters are only officially Android apps in the United States, it is relatively easy to install WSA if you are in a different country,” the report said, “if you change changes in Windows, or sign in easily from the Microsoft Store.”

The biggest is getting the Amazon Appstore itself to work outside the US, as it only works with Amazon accounts located in the US, reports the report.

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