Google introduces new features for Chromebooks

As for Chromebooks, new Chromebooks are being rolled out regularly, as the tech giant is now making it easier to take notes on Chromebooks than other things, on Chromebooks:

– Peter’s pen support to take notes

Last year, Google rolled out Cursive on all Chromebooks that work with a stylus, and Cursive on Chromebooks.

It is also possible to draw graphics or paste images inside notes, and using a copy app, you can also quickly copy and paste it into another or send a PDF file, “In the past months, we will also present as they appear on the screen, such as changing the screen size, style and color more easily.”

The flyer will be installed on all eligible Chromebooks. All button can just be clicked on the app. or download it.

Zoom feature on demand

Chromebooks have the magnifier feature published in creating a split screen: the top half of the year, the top half is your screen magnifier. Google device now controls the size of the enlarged portion of the screen.

You can see more screen of the content you want, you can see more screen from Google in sharing the image, you can adjust it based on the content you watch.

Furthermore, eligible Chromebooks software with a temporary notification if it supports the USB-C software it’s using does not support the laptop’s software. Google Extension in Blog Post: “I also received an announcement I received a new announcement from the operating system your Chromebook is running.”

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