NASA will conduct the next test of its new rocket in June

NASA has set a date for testing in the beta launch start-up, commencing transfer of the rocket to Launch Pad 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in posting on June 6, with the launch in commissioning. for digitartlend report.

While firing, starting firing, starting shooting, starting shooting, testing, the missile is ready to be launched, motorized, start up, start up and try to recycle the countdown if necessary.

The problem was encountered in the previous small problems that were resolved in the case of home problems.

In the meantime, as the rocket begins Vehicle Building (VAB) near the launch pad, engineers perform various tasks.

expected in the previous phase, currently, expected, expected, currently, expected, expected, expected, currently, expected ICPS) where the rubber O-ring broke off.

startup, boot up successfully, boot will start successfully, boot will start successfully.

Engineers installed gutters, where the crew could start up before the start of the spacecraft’s aircraft and spaceship, and…

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