Report: More than 15,000 tech workers lost their jobs in May globally

More than 15,000 workers in the commercial corporate sector.

According to “layoff aggregator” more than 15,000 tech workers lost their jobs this month, TechCrunch reports, March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic began, 1.25 employees were laid off from about 718 startups globally.

Tech companies are facing multiple issues such as rising inflation, fear of recession, war between Russia and Ukraine, Europe’s Meta (formerly Facebook) and Twitter publicly freezing hiring, while Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, is hired because it abuses recordings and misses revenue targets.

And the largest enterprise e-commerce platform Vtex, Thursday, that it would lay off 193 employees, and PayPal laid off dozens of employees from its headquarters in San Jose in the United States.

Two of the biggest grocery apps, Getir and Gorillas, announced workers this week. Turkey’s Getir said it plans to staff its workforce by 14 percent, and Gorillas said it is taking action on the “difficult decision” of laying off about 300 of its staff.

I settled here, on the condition that you start the process of running your skin, on the condition that it slows down the recruitment process. and continue to drive profitable growth.”

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