Senate urges Apple and Google to ban data collection targeting abortion

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And after the draft leaked Al-Fatih, Al-Fatih, Al-Fatih, Al-Fatih, Al-Fatih, health services, vital services, and ways that threaten the well-being of those who exercise their right to choose, the letter, Nice to Sundar Beach, CEO of Google.

The portal is a reference to the proliferation of online platforms that sell abortion data or harass them retroactively.

The letters were also signed by Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, as well as pubs in Congress who came earlier in the week urging Google to stop collecting location data due to a drop in the same.

And the idea of ​​various groups, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, did so in part by buying data from private companies, asking senators Pichai and Tim Cook to respond to letters June 17.

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