What do you mean… Apple Store employees in Georgia cancel union votes due to allegations of intimidation

Less than a week ahead of schedule, Communications Workers of America (CWA) decided to withdraw the official union vote for Apple Store employees at the Cumberland Mall tech site — opting to back out as a result of what it called “Apple’s violations of the National Labor Relations Act.”

the retail agenda, and shortly after Cumberland’s agenda, we’re outsmarting union avoidance.” Soon after, Apple began handing out anti-union talking points to managers, Atlanta workers alleged, and forced him to draw on so-called “captive audience meetings.” , which is a hallmark of union busting campaigns.

And earlier in the week, a leaked voice from Apple’s vice president, Deirdre O’Brien, expresses why she believes the union is inappropriate for the company. This message was reportedly sent to all 65,000 Apple retail employees

In a statement today, the CWA stated that Apple’s actions, “described by Elli Daniels, the origin of the sentence in the group, caused the set of questions, to keep pace with national inflation or local increases in living. Notably, Apple was one of the companies that thrived in the circumstances Epidemiological, several consecutive quarters of record numbers.

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