4 steps to turn off two-step authentication security on your iPhone

This indicator is used to turn it off, which results in a higher percentage of the lights it carries, while this indicator indicates that our hiccup indicates that our packet, like the iPhone, and authentication has become a way of working to keep workers safe.

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How to turn off two-step authentication on iPhone

1. I entered on the web page of the World Trade Organization, the Apple website and published it on the Apple website.

2. Make sure that Sign-in and Security is selected in the list, then tap Account Security on the right.

3. Tap Turn off 2-Step Verification, tap again to confirm this is what you want to do.

4. Create a security question and check your date of birth.

You can check the quality of the two-step security is off now, but be on another work that turns on the iPhone, you can not turn off.

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