Apple announces during the June conference the feature of permanent display for future iPhones .. Details

WWDC 2022 Conference WWDC 2022 presents more details about what Apple can announce at its annual developer conference, in the latest economic electronic bulletins to run iOS 16, including in updates on the lock screen, and Gruman says that the next version of the operating system Apple mobile will have options with gadget-like capabilities.

In addition, running iOS 16, running iOS 16, running iOS, you can also run iOS 16 engorged.

Android, and Apple reportedly plans to add it to the year’s iPhone 13,

Echoing his earlier predictions, Gurman says iOS 16 will also include improvements to how it handles tasks and the multi-window and Gurman cited a recent tweet from developer Steve Troughton-Smith showing that Apple is likely working on a way for iOS users to resize the launch appearance with a feature that re-emerges to be Especially useful on the iPad.

Gurman says he also expects the company to add new social network-like features within Messages, and fortunately we won’t have to wait long to see what it has planned for iOS 16 and WWDC 2022 launches on June 6.

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