Elon Musk: China leads the world in electric cars and renewable energy

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#Musk tweeted on the sentence: “Seems to be a bit of a focus being focused on electric power generation and electric cars, and whatever you might think about China, that’s just a fact.” Your opinion is allowed…

Tesla CEO Elon has said that the American people don’t want to work, and the time, the stoppage, the land of talented people continued.

He said that there seem to be some strong companies coming from China, and there are a lot of talented hard-working people in China who believe strongly in industrialization, does not believe: “They will not burn midnight oil, they will burn oil at three in the morning, trying to leave even kind of factories, while in trying to avoid work at all.”

Musk also said that the special hosting of Solidarity on Twitter, read $44 billion in expenditures on its operations in China, and Tesla Giga, Shanghai, hosts the final assembly of the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.

Then it built engineering and design in China, and in 2021, nearly 85 percent of electric vehicles sold globally were delivered in mainland China and Europe.

Financing and more than 3.2 million cars sold in 2021 – half of electric cars were sold worldwide, more than 2 million cars were sold in the country in 2020, market research committee Canalys.

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