How to choose a “secure password” and protect your account from hackers?

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Technological affairs writer Alan Al-Qarih says that the technological world has changed a lot in the past, but a number of changes have not changed their habits of choosing “passwords”, “it changes, despite repeated warnings.”

And Al-Qarih added in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that “words such as 123456, qwerty, 123456789, password and 111111, are always the star of the ten worst ranks, noting that” change and progress were accompanied by a great neglect of the increase of zombies, who resort to an easy choice. Remember passwords are easy for hackers to guess, as about 80% of data breaches are caused by choosing a weak password.”

Bad, bad, good, bad, good, good.

triple force

It can be a simple word, easy to memorize, difficult to crack.

A new page that is easy to remember for them, while staying away from phrases that are easy for others to guess as information about their lives, and using the “password” between 8 to 10 characters with the use of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and signs.

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