Hubble captures an image of a spiral at a distance of 53 million light-years from Earth.. Details

An image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope and shared by NASA this week shows the most amazing spiral galaxies: the costly spiral design of NGC 3631, ranked because of its oasis, prominent arms and highly organized spiral structure, digitartlend reports.

Picture perfect This perfect spiral galaxy 53 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Ursa, a perfect view of its delightful structure.

The image was created and created using data from two Hubble instruments, the Wide Field Camera 3 and the Advanced Camera for Surveys, and the Advanced Camera for Surveys, insights from Hubble’s camera primarily used to capture data in the visible light range, the same range seen by the human eye.

Installed on Hubble in 2002, the Wide Field Camera 3 is a newer instrument installed in 2009 as an upgrade to the wide field camera and the older Planet Camera 2, the infrared imaging camera.

Infrared rays.

In infrared light In infrared.

This allows Hubble scientists to look at galaxies like NGC 3631 as dust regions and places where new stars are being born. Spiral arms.

The formation of stars in spirals is like a traffic jam on a highway like cars on a highway, and slow-moving matter in the disc creates the bottle, as star-forming gases and dust concentrate along the interior of its spiral arms, and the traffic jam becomes dense This image appears in blue And glossy white. “

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