Laser technology reveals a “lost” civilization in the depths of the Amazon

A new study found with the presence of laser devices on board a helicopter.

Taken together in sprawling ruins, it represents a communal community in our community, and a pioneer in your area

Twenty foreign relations, of which only about half were shown, cases, example, another on the Amazon is home to a large, long, and ancient domains prior to the Spanish conquest of the Americas.

This discovery led to the resolution of a long scientific debate about whether the area could accommodate a large population.

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The study technique is used to study in the atmosphere, but in an environment operating in ultraviolet mode, under vegetation, reservoirs, reservoirs, and within a network of areas located in their perimeter. Two very large kazrapi, called Kotoka and Landivar.

Lead author of the study Heiko Brommers, an archaeologist at the German Archaeological Institute in Bonn, said, “Within an hour of walking, you can reach another settlement.”

Brommers and colleagues have studied the effects of Kazrapi in the area, now Bolivia, for more than 20 years.

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Brommers explained that the Spaniards in the sixteenth century only found isolated communities living there, and scientists assumed that the pre-Spanish population of the region were the same, and excavations were found in the sixties, but many scholars doubted whether they were traces or natural features.

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They were connected by roads and bridges, and fell in roughly concentric circles about the chief’s location around the Kazrapyians in Kotoka and Landivar, both of which were known before, but their true extent is only now revealed by Lidar.

And from the ground, huge platforms.

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lost civilization

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It may be possible to use a role in the demise of the Kazrabi civilization around 1400 AD, more than 100 years before the arrival of the Spaniards. The escalation was allowed through the escalation grace period on the climate.

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