Amazon gives you a free cloud camera when it’s turned off

Amazon shuts down Cloud Cam service, MacRumors, and The Verge have learned that Amazon will be offering owners a Blink Mini.

The flagship version will also get a fourth-generation Echo meter, a perimeter for comparison, and a forerunner to add to your home in the near future, according to an engadged report.

In an email to customers, Amazon said it is shutting down its Cloud Cam service to focus on ring flash and other products that make your home smarter, and the move will essentially end video storage, but people who use Cloud Cam Key Edition as a Zigbee hub will also lose the ability to Connect to smart locks or manage Amazon Key PIN codes

And the end of the service does not come as a surprise, but Amazon stopped providing a cloud cam at the end of 2019, where the blink of an eye and a ring finally took over.

Other brands to other places are more like what you would expect to pay.

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