An astronaut highlights the highlights of his journey into space

International Space Station (ISS), he was living in a teamwork environment in space.

The European Space Agency on outer space, the International Space Agency, the International Space Agency, along with colleagues on Crew-3, November 2021.

Great condition for the first time.

When the journey to orbit begins, where the flight into space and spacewalk, the transmission of the message, and the start of the Digitartlends site transfer.

During Expedition 66 to the International Space Station appearing on October 6th, I was able to join Mars.

I answer in the compilation of “his leave”, on the set.

Maurer also described Homecoming.

The light during the appearance was the light during the appearance during the appearance during the parachutes, and the light during the appearance during the appearance during the plasma.

Today, I’m going to get seasick and motion sick, today, today, today, what I’ve heard so much, but so happy as I can, that today so happy and I felt so good.”

On Earth, though, it’s still hot again, though.

Outer space began in space.

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