Learn about the upcoming WhatsApp .. including exiting the group without notifying its members

WhatsApp is working on various features to improve the user experience, including:

Detailed reaction information for albums

The media image appears. If someone traded with a photo, a video in your auto album, you need to open the album that traded.

Silently leave groups

Another group of WhatsApp group, notify the managers of the other group, the group.

WhatsApp Premium

It is possible to link up to 10 devices, create a dedicated business link, etc. Although the text will be ready for marketing.

Show caption

WhatsApp rolled out a slightly revamped holographic caption from Version Testers, your previous version

Typography and the bounding side as oceans, copy, root, resurrection, root, root, root, root, innovate

Save hidden messages

Important future, letters, letters, letters, letters, important letters.

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