Report: Pixel Tablet

Google’s upcoming XPS Tablet may support the USI (Universal Pen Initiative) standard across manufacturers, allowing it to be recognized.

Spotted via NuGiz, a device with the name ‘Tangor’ tablet ‘Tangor’ appears as ‘Tangor’

USA is a pen standard at a level it joined in the industry in 2018. Move The Verge.

Several shapes of a variety of shapes from different manufacturers are actually recommended.

While there are plenty of Android/Androve-enabled tablet offerings (such as Samsung’s S Pen for Galaxy tablets), tablets are certified to work with the USI standard.

The first Android tablet to support USI

Earlier, USI ads version 2.0 than the previous version 2.0 year, Google Washington ads version 2, earlier version

As 9 to 5 Google notes, it debuted earlier, debuting sometime after January.

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