The creation of a robot thinner than a coin that can be controlled remotely

Scientists at the University of Al-Wasat in the US state of Illinois have created the “smallest robot” in the world, which is expected to perform tasks and functions in various operative fields in the United Arab Emirates.

It is about half the width, smaller than the thickness of a penny, and is remotely controlled, said Science Robotics, a study of computer developments, presenting the shapes of small animals such as worms and crabs.

Next, a laser printer is created to change its state, and constructively later.

This is why this ratio is so common in these offices.

It took a year and a half for Rogers’ team, made up of students of various academic levels who combined creative and thinking skills.

These processes are under development and are expected

The current agenda, chief among them is the design of “engineering the tasks required for optimum performance and operating patterns”.

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