4 Macs An ad may appear at an Apple conference

WWDC 2022 on June 6 with the keynote will be some Apple developer-focused, although we’re expecting some much-needed announcements, reports suggest Apple may have Mac announcements at the show as well.

Apple hasn’t announced new Macs or its mentions in the following months, mentioning the release of two Macs on mainstream language publication, here are the four Macs we could see at WWDC, plus one of our semi-displays through a transfer site. Digitartlends website.

MacBook Air M2

The most likely we’ll see at WWDC 2022 is the MacBook Air M2. Modern Styles In the old fashioned style, the MacBook Air is definitely the right style.

Since we haven’t seen a last page refresh due to the global chip shortage. In late 2021, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo rushed to the late 2022 MacBook Air M2 after struggling to secure enough chips. And your processing, processing, and processing in the future

Various events for the MacBook Air M2, in addition to the round white keycaps, we were the 2021 size of the new MacBook Air New Macs at WWDC, it is almost a sentence that the MacBook Air M2 will lead the group.

Mac Pro with M1 Xtreme

The Workstation-class Mac Pro follows the pace of the annual release of other Macs, but the current one is set for an upgrade. Released now in 2019, it’s the only Mac that doesn’t use a processor that uses an Intel processor (apart from the 27-inch iMac).

It uses the same concept as the M1, with four segments of the M1 Max indicating; This is what you want to start with by talking about internal macOS, we can write a new model at WWDC.

Mac Mini M2

to be a Mac Mini update, but various sources have suggested that Apple release the Mac Mini M2 at WWDC. In the next stage, the performance of the small Macintosh and the M1 MacBook Air side by side, side by side, side by side, side by side to the last business street to the last street to fly and the last business to the company to work to the last street.

Noting any of its inconsistency with Apple’s traditional hue cycle, however, the rumors point to a new Mini Mac model in the new Mini Mac model in its firmware, suggesting a reference to the rumored model. That Apple is showing off the seventh version of Macs with M2 chipsets as well, and the report says two of them are Mac Minis.

MacBook Pro N2 13 inch

Like the MacBook Air M1, the M1 hasn’t seen the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple advanced its 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros, both available with M1 Pro or M1 Max processors, while the tiny 13-inch model was left in the dust, respected Apple analyst Mark Gorman says two new Macs will be launched at WWDC The MacBook Pro M2 can be 13 inch in size along with a new Air.

We are likely to mention the Mac Pro M1 Extreme or the Mac Mini M2. The current 13-inch MacBook Pro is built by the M1 MacBook Air that will pass in the same chassis in 2016, there’s definitely a possibility we’ll see at WWDC this year.

iMac M2 27 inch

Your Mac Pro Is Shut Down Your Mac Pro Is Slated To Start Updating Your Mac Is Shut Down My Mac Pro Has Been Shut Down. Intel 27 inch stiff.

For iMac for the best overall solution.

Until 2023 until we have a 27-inch (or larger) iMac.

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