A Russian designer of “Albrus” processors is in the process of producing them from his nose to Russia

A company for processors “Albrus” decided to produce computer processors from his nose to Russia, according to what was reported by RT.

It seems that time seems to be in the sanctions part, and it is now going to appear in the next segment of the “Micron” exhibition in Zelenograd.

This was announced by Konstantin Troshkin, Deputy Director of Marketing at MTST.

Troshkin recalled that TSMC is in the business of producing processors with a standard between 90 nm and 5 nm, working in the experimental production of processors with a standard of 2 – 3 nm, but sanctions must be imposed on it, the US authority for exporting high-tech products to Russia.

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Beirut Trading Company in representation in 2007 until the production company was established in the company “Micron” and returned it to other commercial offices back.

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