French laboratory refuses to study coronary protein implanted in space

Russian Assistant Specialist Program, due to economic sanctions from transporting proteins to France.

Agency, TASS Alliance Agency, Cooperation Department, 3D Bioprinting Projects Department, Youssef Khaswani said;

You need more details on the procedures for the transmission of the Corona virus transmission procedures.

“Maybe, first, we’ll transfer other proteins to participating countries to participating species sharing species,” he explained.

It is noteworthy that the Emirates Airline program in the Middle East Airlines program refers to the Emirates Airline program, and that was last March 30, Iran Air.

He was the Director General of the Russian “Roskosmos” Foundation, and he had previously announced that the Foundation plans 2022 Iran and plans to develop antiviral drugs.

He explained that large-sized proteins of the Corona virus will be grown, including the RBD protein responsible for binding the coronavirus.

And you will use it in a virtual pose, animals and kindness.

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