How do you do it? How to Hide Messages on iPhone and Filter Alerts

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According to the “business insider” site, you can hide special messages from people who are easily accessible in terms of their beauty and appearance in the download towers.

How to Hide Messages on iPhone

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How to hide messages from a specific person

1. Open the phone app.

2. Select Contacts in the bottom menu and then find a contact whose messages you want to hide and tap on it.

3. Click on the upper corner.

Tap Delete Contact again on the popup to confirm.

5. Open the Settings app and scroll down!

6. Please beg!

Send a message sent from the person you removed (or anyone who is not in your contacts).

Tap Filters, tap Filters in the top corner of the Messages app, and tap Unknown Senders.

How to hide message alerts in a specific thread

1. Open the Messages app.

2. Open the message() that you don’t want to display with messages persisting.

3. Tap on the face icon (or the person’s photo).

4. Toggle Hide alerts in the popup.

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