Report: 75% of Bitcoin miners’ profits go to electricity costs

A new report recently released shows that people with average Bitcoin spend more than 75% of rising electricity costs, resulting in a huge footprint that damages our environment, where Bitcoin (BTC) mining is an electricity-intensive process, a recent study That a single Bitcoin transaction consumes about 2,165 kWh of usage an average household would use in 74 days.

According to a CryptoMonday report, “Consider the approximately $0.14/kWh that the household is paying, and the scale of the spending becomes clear,” financial content specialist Elizabeth Kerr said: “Configuration house mining is key to supporting the ecosystem, as well as enabling transactions It helps secure the network, this activity is very important, and the BTC network incentivizes crypto miners by rewarding miners.”

Perhaps one of the primary charges for BTC, the highly computational proof-of-work consensus mechanism, the equipment consumes tons of kilowatt-hours (kWhs), which swells the mine’s electricity.

Studies show that carbon dioxide is a value similar to the value of the value in the Czech Republic.

In fact, the real picture shows the real picture, in a big picture on the global environment. to counter encrypted. They believe that the environmental information it raises is clarified and understood, and they have much to benefit from its widespread adoption.

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