Report: The Pixel 7 series may have a new version

The meeting name its developers I/O 2022 earlier than the next Pixel series at the conference, where the tech giant showed off two smartphones – Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, and 7 Pro, and I/O 2022 earlier than the Pixel 7 series, however A new report indicates that another, more distinctive model has been added to the upcoming Goo.

9to5google reported the discovery of a display program tagged with “G10” they found in an open source Android project, and earlier reports of a “C10” tag (codenamed Cheetah) in the Pixel 7 and a Pixel 7 Pro tag “P10” (codenamed Panther) .

Move to the 2022 generation, and now you can use other functions on the new second generation Pixel Notepad Tensor devices.

Aside from the new “C10” and “P10” displays, Google is also working on a display marked “G10”, the report also mentions that it was not previously revealed with the letter “G”, and it is expected to be powered by the Tensor engine , than to your Pixel device.

New Pixel 7-series phone specifications

The new version of G10 to G10, the new version of BOE. These are some of the Chinese display manufacturers that Apple sometimes uses.

Aside from the refresh rate under the G10 screens on core specs in common with the Pixel 6 Pro,? Also included with the J10

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