Russia is preparing to launch Internet services via its satellites

Roscosmos has announced some details that have appeared on the Internet that it will launch via its satellites of the system, the field transmitted by RT.

Speaking to the press, Sergey Prokhorov, head of the Programs and Projects Department of “Ros Cosmos” and supervisor of the system, said: “This account for the connection of subscribers to the Internet services that will be provided through the Sphere system, its price will be about 1,500 rubles (about 24 more)”.

This device has satellite communication channels.

And the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had talked about the Sphere project for the first time 2018, for the first time in the project to launch the satellite and Earth sensing after, 5 other groups of communication satellites, and another 5 groups of Earth observation satellites.

It is expected that the marine and environmental industry and the system will become the American Starlink, as its satellites will cover the Earth with high-speed networks, and will also work on exploring the Earth from data on sea and air traffic.

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