Tik Tok to sell some less cluttered viewing experiences

Some users have started Talking to the “Clear Mode” option, which allows them to watch a video without overlaying a user interface that shows videos like, comment buttons, and other information about. TikTok for TechCrunch it’s testing, but it’s not clear which people are participating in the exchange.

Clicking on Indexed Mode in the popup menu. How to use the same method to exit the mode, there is also a button in the right corner and blinds in the user interface.

If you activate Clear Mode, you will find that you can watch TikTok without Chrome window, but if you turn it on by scrolling to the next video, the playback interface will return clearly if you want to get the real full-screen video experience.

You may, be able to use these programs,

The fact that TikTok is adding to the fact that TikTok is stronger that the company is focusing more on longer videos – over the past year, the maximum time for TikToks has been extended from 1 minute to 10 minutes, while the UI is on the way for a 30-second video has There are some things, not many people who want to watch something appear in 10 minutes while the main content is populated by buttons and constantly moving texts and icons.

Designing the mode to focus on longer content would also explain why it should be restarted every time – if that was an intentional choice.

To make it easy to check its compression.

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