Will humans be on Mars from cyborgs? .. I know what it means and why would they need to transform?

Although the idea of ​​living on Mars may seem like it stands in the way of long fantasy films, many companies including aircraft at the time. Surrounding Space Flight, Aerospace, Air Ocean, Aerospace

Looks like a future cyborg explorer.

These explorers, they expose themselves, they expose themselves, they expose themselves, all these explorers, they expose themselves in every match.”

Does a future Mars really need humans to be cyborgs? The challenges facing human colonizers hoping to gain stability reveal how to actually get to the solution.

Survive in gravity

And the third biggest challenges faced by human environments in maintaining their general fitness and health on the planet Mars, as the study shows that the transition from gravity can cause me, the image between the head, hand, eye, balance and movement, astronauts also from changes in the bones and muscles in space.

NASA won

And start implementing preventive measures, Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan.

Help with surgery to help with surgery to help with surgery, help with breast enlargement, help you with breast enlargement,

Some examples for example, emailing from some humans.

Adjustment to the climate of Mars

Temperatures Temperatures to -200 ° C (-128 ° C), ).

She retained her role in maintaining extreme temperatures, and the position of the firing positions.

NASA said: “The suit is designed for extreme temperatures of -250 degrees Fahrenheit [-156 درجة مئوية] In the shade and up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit [121 درجة مئوية] In the sun “.

It can be helpful in helping you stay complete with something.

Breathing on Mars

To contain onboard costs, which is the atmosphere that contains carry costs.

“The Portable Life Support System, the familiar backpack worn by astronauts in outer space,” NASA explained.

Where it helps to get the atmosphere in the general atmosphere.

He does oxygen, oxygen, oxygen, oxygen.

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