How do you do it .. How to change your user in Windows 11

Easy to use Windows 11

How to change the username of a local account in Windows 11

Click on Control Panel, click on Control Panel, click on Control Panel, Control Panel so.

2. Click on their accounts.

3. Click on Change Account Type.

4. In the Choose the user you want to change section, press the button containing the key you want to change.

5. Click on Change Account Name.

6. Enter the new name and then click Change Name.

How to change your Microsoft account username in Windows 11

1. Click the Start button and then click Settings.

2. In the navigation pane on the left, tap Accounts.

3. Click on Email and Accounts.

4. In the Accounts used by other apps section, click on your Microsoft account, and then click on Manage.

5. To open the Microsoft account page in a web browser, at the top of the page, click Your Information.

6. In the top section, tap on Edit Name.

7. Participate in the nominal campaign on your name.

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