Hubble discovers a nearby and amazing hidden galaxy behind the Milky Way

Light the whole picture infrared infrared night vision.

Atmosphere mentioned by the “RT” website, scientists called the spiral galaxy “Caldwell 5”, otherwise known as IC 342, and it is a distant galaxy, described as the “hidden galaxy”.

NASA The invisible galaxy is an image of a large fictitious galaxy, but the law of its image is due to the cosmic smog that obscures our view of it.

NASA wrote: “This bright view of the galactic center displays tangled tendrils of dust in stunning arms around a bright core of gas and hot stars.

In the center of the galaxy is laden with charged particles, and NASA revealed: “Such regions are an active star habitat where thousands of stars can form over two million years.”

And the hidden galaxy house is close to Manzer, located 11 million light-years from Earth but when it comes to interstellar space and the Cosmic League, it’s close.

It is about half the size of our Milky Way galaxy (its diameter is 50,000 light years),

IC 342 was discovered in 1892 by British astronomer William Frederick Denning.

And at IC 342 is bright, but it is located near the equator of the Milky Way, where the sky is dense with glowing cosmic gas, bright stars and mysterious dark dust.

For scientists to see their sights in the study of images in the images inside the Milky Way, designed so, hard to identify IC 342, identify images, identify gender, identify face, identify gender, images, images, prohibited, prohibited, brand new Gender Identification, “The Hidden Galaxy”.

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