Meta adds a new call tab to Messenger

It became the Meta Messenger app.

And Meta adds a dedicated tab dedicated to audio and video calls to the functionality bar at the bottom of the application, the new tab will appear next to “Chats”, “Stories” and “People”, and it will open to the list of contacts, along with one for calls and video calls, tap A change in the ring is less familiar with Messenger’s communication features.

According to Meta, voice and video calls on Messenger have increased by 40% since 2020, the company eventually expanded a tip that is the default encryption for Facebook and Instagram in 2023, you can add a number of AR calls to video calls

And as far as messaging apps go, that’s what you want, and that’s what we find that makes Messenger long, including, including, Google Voice, Viber, Signal, and WhatsApp, when I first started watching them, dead in 2014, apps are a staple in this crowded field. Unlike FaceTime, Hometown has no phone number to use.

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