Researchers: Galaxies of the universe may die through their supermassive black holes

Milky Way, with respect to information. Each year, it produces approximately three to four new stars in its entire spiral body.

The star cluster forms in a long period. In the image, the image appears in a very large part of the image, the image appears suddenly suddenly, leaving the galaxy.

These stars have been hidden away in a family atmosphere. And now, an international team of astronomers Kei Tu, from the Graduate University of Advanced Studies, is being researched, Sukendai In Japan, in the early universe to see if this is the case.

Using the most powerful telescopes in the world, collecting data from the entirety of 2004 forced multi-information objects to determine which galaxies had traveled from 9.5 billion to 12.5 billion years through a site – the location of ancient galaxies those elliptical galaxies in space and time, for which star formation was on the verge of collapse.

The first result is the use of sunlight in the infrared rays and in the infrared rays in the rays that propagate in the sun’s rays.

The next step was to use X-rays and radio to determine the activity of the supermassive black hole. that can form stars. Its size seems to represent large amounts of space. The turbine produces what is known collectively as “feedback”.“.

The space around it is different. As matter revolves around the black ocean, gravity and friction generate intense radiation that ignites across the universe.

Another form of rev feeding takes the form of jets emanating from the black hole’s polar regions. It can be transmitted by a large proportion of light.

Finally, black holes lying behind generate strong winds sweeping their galaxies. It is possible that all three forms of feedback – radiation, jets, and winds – heat up and push cold gaseousness to form young stars..

And across these numbers of floors, galaxies are hard to see; It’s too small and too dim our view here. Ali was looking for a translator who “piled up” translated spaces from translated years.

Weekly stars are found in the atmosphere. The best explanation for this is the presence of supermassive black. Obtaining a clear signal in galaxies with continuous star formation.

He concluded that becoming a gallery of images to the next reference described that it is reasonable to begin to sudden death..

He said that what can help think about this case.

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