Scientists expect the presence of 4 civilizations in the Milky Way

Researcher Alberto Caballero, a doctoral student at the University of Vigo in Spain, did a published paper with an appreciation for malignant extraterrestrial civilizations, which predicted their presence in the Milky Way. .

And on that e-mail, e-mail

And space plans in space, hoping to be received by a space civilization.

The marine party for what was reported by the newspaper “Daily Mail”, also another British British station to study the atmosphere for a research published in the International Journal of Astrobiology

He came up with his conclusion after first telling how many times one country had invaded another country on Earth over the course of the fifty-year period, then Caballero applied this to known data, knowledge, and potentially habitable outer planets.

It was based on the estimate by the Italian SETI Institute, the old Italian fair to very low.

Caballero also said it is a limestone quarry.

To be ready to work on planet earth.

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