Twitter announces the shutdown of TweetDeck for Mac on July 1

TweetDeck will soon be available as a standalone app for Mac and Twitter will shut down this version of its premium client on July 1st.

A tweet from the TweetDeck team reads: “We’re saying goodbye to Tweet

Using Apps Available in Mac Apps There are other options available in Using Web Apps to Mac Apps. Turn on macOS or Coherence X. Alternatively, you can do to another app like Tweeten, which is based on TweetDeck.

And there’s been some grumbling that Twitter is planning to make TweetDeck a paid Twitter Blue feature to get more people to sign up, and new Twitter owner Elon Musk has production targets to sign up, it doesn’t look like TweetDeck behind a subscription ban is out of the question.

You find it in testing a revamped version of TweetDeck last year, the new-look TweetDeck.

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