Astronomers discover a scientific source of unknown origin

Astronomers have discovered a mysterious and compressed radio source, dubbed J054149.24–641813.7, radio observations assigned to a spiral galaxy known as NGC 2082, and what is behind the origin and elucidation of this source is not yet known to scientists, and needs further appeal. It was imposed on her account in arXiv magazine.

According to RT, in general, radio sources are different objects in the universe that emit large amounts of broadcast waves. Among the most powerful sources of this emission are pulsars, some nebulae, quasars, and radio galaxies.

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Observing NGC 2082 using the Australian Pathfinder Array (ASKAP), the Victoria Telescope Array (ATCA), and the Parks Radio Telescope have identified a radio source located 20 arcseconds from the galactic center.

NGC 2082 is a G-type spiral galaxy in the constellation of Dorado, located about 60 million light-years from Earth, and about 33,000 light-years in diameter.

The study found with radio J054149.24-641813.7 at 888 MHz at the level of 129 EW / Hz, and that it has a flat spectrum index (about 0.02), this, this, this, this, this, versus astronomers, does not support the scenario in which it might be J054149.24–641813.7 Remnants of a thermal origin source.

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As astronomers note, the results remaining in its reference are that J054149.24–641813.7 is an extragalactic background source, such as a quasar (a quasar or as it is known as a pseudo), a radio galaxy or a galactic nucleus in width (AGN). The expressive thread on earth, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon, moon.

High-resolution quotes for neutral atomic hydrogen (HI) for NGC 2082, shown to show the assumption.

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