Astronomers solve the “ancient mystery” of the two distant planets

Astronomers recently came to explain the difference in the appearance of Uranus and “Neptune”, despite the fact that the two planets have a lot in common, according to a Sky News Arabia report.

The two outermost planets in the solar system have similar masses, sizes and atmospheric compositions, yet Neptune appears bluer than its neighbor Uranus.

A study conducted by Professor Patrick Patrick Irwin at the University of Oxford, Britain, the results of which are in the Journal of “Geophysical Research”, the presence of a layer of fog to different degrees on both sides

The study showed that both appear in blue color equally.

The image was developed in a model to describe the layers of aerosols in the atmosphere

Sunshine under the sun, red sunshine

The model fiddled with three layers of fog at different altitudes in the Coke’s atmosphere.

And the middle cells of the fog particles, the scientists say, are thicker than that picture, which makes you see the visible color of the two.

The methane ice condenses on the particles in the crumbs in the crumbs in the atmosphere.

And its appearance is efficient in converting the gas into the fog layer, it can condense on the fog particles and produce snow.

It maintains a thin layer of fog, and maintains a thin layer of atmosphere.

And it appeared for the way it appears in the dark, like the famous GDS-89 dark spot on “Neptune”.

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