How to do it.. How to add a summary to any Google Doc

If you are using a document editor The Google Atif, you know a lot of information is stuffed into a document The Google It can become easily readable, and that’s what it deals with The Googlewhere you can add a short brief description to any of your documentsThe Google which is a good way to emphasize the most important information, and if the document is detailed enough, you might write The Google the summary for you.

How to add a summary to Google Docs

This is only available on the site Google docs. If you use ads, show ads.

Click “View” in the toolbar, click “Show” screen layout, a check mark appears next to it, close this menu and click on the one on the left of the page instead..

2. Tap the little plus sign next to the summary.

3. In the box that opens, type the summary, there is no length limit.

Message has already been created unpaid bill To accept this summary, edit it afterwards if you like.

When someone opens a document The Google On your computer, they will see the summary on the right of the page.

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